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Wandering through the bygone ages.........Jaisalmer

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

The approach to the Jaisalmer is magical as the city rises out of the desert like a mirage. The fort of Jaisalmer is a breathtaking sight rising from sands like a mirage from the bygone era.with its crenelated sandstone walls and narrow streets lined with exquisitely carved buildings, through which camel carts trundle leisurely. The convergence point for the ancient trade route, this fortified oasis is constructed solely of honey-hued sandstone. It has extraordinary medieval charm and has a great atmosphere. The fort houses more than 500 families and about 1/3 of the cities population, thus earning a unique status of a living fort in the whole of Rajasthan. Unlike other forts, it is alive with beautiful handicrafts, textiles, and colorful puppets. The fort is filled by countries' best rooftop restaurants and cafes, guesthouses. The 1100-year-old forts have some of the finest sandstone carvings in the form of Jain temples and houses the most extensive royal collection in palaces and Havelis. Welcome to the golden city of Jaisalmer........we will continue our journey in my next blog.thanks

View of Jaisalmer fort from one of its bastions.......

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