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Exploring the Golden City.....Jaisalmer......My personal experience...Blog-2

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

After Returning from the Tanot Mata temple on the next day, we headed for Attractions left in the old city.............................wait a min.......i forget to tell about one the most important experience of Jaisalmer.....That is Desert/Camel Safari ...

After exploring the fort on 1st day we arrived for our campsites in Khuri sand dunes. On the way, we also took a glimpse of the famous haunted village of Kuldhara. The ruins of the Magnificient village are well maintained and ironic to its legacy of horrors it has beautiful stone carvings on the entrance of houses and pillars of temples.....It is hards to believe why such a beautiful place has a bad name. After taking a short stroll we resumed our journey to our campsite from where camel safari has to begin. On the way to the camp, we saw barren land covered with sand dunes, sprinkled with cacti and khejri tree, occasionally beautifully carved sandstone building pops up like a mirage. Once we reached the camp we are welcomed in the traditional Rajasthani manner with an aarti, tilak, and welcome drink. After a short break, we started the famous camel safari by riding on a single-humped camel. Trekking around by camel is a most evocative and fun way to sample Thar desert which is scrubland sprinkled with villages and wind turbines, with occasional dunes area popping out here and there. The most thrilling part of the bumpy ride is the camel running up and down over the huge sea of sand dune and when you feel by the next second you will be covered by the desert sand.

1.Reception of our camp
2.Starting of the Camel Safari

After 30 min camel ride we went to another stretch of sand dunes to see the beautiful sun setting down under the horizon of sands. We went to the sunset point after doing dune bashing in which jeep took up and down on the huge sand dunes which are as huge as 60-70 feet at a speed of 100-120 km/hr. We are literally feeling like a ball which is thrown by children to each other, it was truly an adrenaline rush and thrilling experience. After enjoying the beautiful sunset we returned to our campsite where we are welcomed again by dhols and trumpets. Then we took the seats or the "Gaddis" especially made for us. After it was a 3-hour extravaganza of folk dance, traditional music, an open sky full of stars, a bonfire, and delicious local snacks. From a woman dressed up in traditional embroidered mirror Ghaghra choli dancing with 7 matkas on the head to a man walking upon swords, the sight is true to behold. The classic kesriya and padhro mhare desh sung by the fellow folk artist were truly the best. The Cultural evening was ended by a jam session in which all the spectators danced in unison in the folk tunes. The most enjoyable dance forms the Garba...on the tunes of dholidha and choghada the evergreen Garba hits of Gujrat. The royal evening ended with a royal Rajasthani dinner. On back to the city, we witnessed the sky full of stars from the Thar desert and even spotted our own milky way galaxy for the first time, in the whole trip I regretted why I didn't carry the DSLR. The night sky seen that night was one of the best experiences of our trip, I want to mesmerize it forever in my mind.

3.The Thar desert

On the next day after returning from Tanot Mata temple, we proceeded for Mandir Vilas palace which is the current residence of the royal family of Jaisalmer and home to the royal god of Jaisalmer 'Dwarakanath Ji' as the Bhatti Rajputs belong to the Moon dynasty or "Chandravansh" of which Lord Krisna was once a king. The palace is divided into three parts-Maharaja palaces, Maharani palace, and the Royal temple, of which first is converted into a nice museum showcasing the Royal collections of guns and weapons, household, the Royal durbar with an imposing silver Throne, religious items including a wood-crafted panel of the royal kuldevi. The palace is built in Indo-Saracenic architecture at the end of the 19th century but at the same time it preserves the traditional specialty of the golden city the famous "sandstone carving".The palace is decorated in traditional Rajput motifs which are intricately carved on the walls, ceilings, entrance gates, pillars, and everywhere where your eyes go through.

4.The Mandir Vilas palace perfect blend of Rajput and European Architecture

After completing the tour of the palace we headed for the old city where the famous stone carved Havelis is situated in the midst of colorful bazaars selling all types of handicrafts and souvenirs. First, we saw Nathmal ki haveli which was built by two merchant brothers in competition due to which two wings of the haveli are similar but not identical with dripping carvings and two beautifully carved elephant statues standing as a guard in front of the haveli. The next fish is the biggest in the pond of Havelis, #Patwon -Ki-Haveli which is the largest and most magnificent haveli in all of Jaisalmer. It is very impressive from outside with honey-hued latticed windows, chhatris, and intricate carvings and stonework. It is divided into 5 sections of which 1 st is converted to a beautiful museum which richly evokes 19th-century life and encompasses the livingroom made up of colorful mirrors and mosaics, two bedrooms with richly embroidered furnishing and intricate carvings on ceilings and walls, collection of antique clocks and locks, and many more..!!!!!! Also, we didn't forget to buy a colorful embroidered wall hanging and a Torana from Desert handicraft emporium.

6.A colorful masterpiece of Jaisalmer

6.Nathmal ki haveli

7.Patwon-Ki -Haveli

We concluded our Jaisalmer trip with the tour of Thar heritage museum which has an intriguing assortment, Jaisalmer artifacts, from turbans, musical instruments, fossils, and kitchen equipment, to displays on birth, marriage, and death. The best part of the museum was the excellent guided tour by a local historian and a museum shop which sells all sorts of local handicrafts ......

8.Thar heritage museum

.Now it was time to say goodby to the magnificent golden city with amazing views of gadsisar lake...

Truly.... it was one of the best and most amazing experience to explore the streets packed with intricately carved Havelis and temples, to see a fort rising from sands like a palace of Arabian nights, eating the delicious royal food under the open sky packed with stars and a beautiful cultural performance going in front of you, from riding a humpy ride on a camel to experiencing a live puppet show......

Now it is time to say goodby to all of you......we will meet in my next blog.....till then ..stay home! stay safe!......

Bon Voyage!!!!!

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